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Terry Anderson and Marylou (Ferguson) were married in 1974. Their first child, Mark was born in Cheyenne, WY, They then then moved to Colorado, where Terry worked in the Coal Mines. Matthew, Luke, John and Micah were all born in Colorado. The family then moved back to Cheyenne WY where Kristi and Joshua were born.

Originally, The Andersons focused their energies on raising cattle in Wyoming. They were fortunate enough to be raised on their grandparents ranch between Cheyenne and Laramie. Their parents and grandparents, taught them many life skills including the value of raising quality, healthy animals. While growing up they were very active in 4-H, both showing and judging livestock, and learning while doing various arts and crafts. The siblings also were very active perticipants in the Kiwanis' Stars of Tomorrow. This organization allowed them to learn the skills involved in performing in front of crowds.

Homeschooling is a very integral part of the Anderson Family make up. All seven of the siblings were taught in the home, using Christian curricula from A Beka and Rod and Staff as well as various other publishers. This education laid the ground work for their ministries.

They were able to participate in the AWANA program where they aggressively memorized scripture verses.

They were involved with a group called WINGS (We're Involved Now Growing Strong) This was a ministry started by Linda and Bob Rainbow and Pete and Lorna Skelley at the Berean Church in Cheyenne, WY. The group performed a unique dinner theater, which started with secular music and skits, and developed into a very powerful salvation message, bringing people to a better understanding of God and His love for all of us.

Most of the siblings were active in sports through St Marys Catholic and Pine Bluffs public schools.

Their education also included dance through the Elizabeth Tolerton School of Dance in Cheyenne.

While growing up all of the Anderson children earned many local, state, and national awards in the areas of speech, athletics, art, music, dance livestock judging and showmanship.

In 1998 the Anderson Brothers, won the national Tamdenwood Talent contest. This opened a whole new chapter in this ranch family's life. The Anderson family, (Mark, Matthew, Luke, John, Micah, Joshua, and sister Kristi, along with their parents, Terry and Marylou moved to Branson Missouri from Cheyenne, Wyoming.

The siblings all performed in Branson for two years.The Brothers performed with The Lowe Sisters and opened for Roy Clark as well as headlining thier own show at the former Branson USA Theater for one season. Kristi was a dancer on the Jim Stafford Show.
While in Branson, the brothers recorded their first album. It is an a Capella doowop entitled Berachah! DooWop.They received many blessings and much encouragement from Tammy and Denny Felton and the Lutte family during this time.

God called this family to move to the small community of Louisburg, MO in 2000.

God knew the hearts of the entire family. He has now placed the brothers where they truly wanted to be: singing gospel music and sharing the Word though testimonies. They released their first a cappella gospel album, Rain of Blessings. in 2001. You can hear excerpts from this album on this website. Be prepared for a major blessing!

From 2001 to 2007, The Anderson Brothers traveled across the USA, sharing their outstanding gospel concert.

The Anderson Brothers
are not doing concerts or selling product at this time.

Your prayers for their future plans are appreciated.
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Terry and Marylou now reside, after moving around for years, back on that little piece of land near Louisburg, Missouri. They hope to build a little hobby farm on their land in the next few years. Terry is retired from Yellow Freight, And now works part time at Terry White's welding shop. He micromanages his large family from his cell phone just the same as when he crossed the country in his big orange truck. Marylou stays home when not visiting with her children and grandchildren, swims in her pool, feeds her Babydoll Southdown Sheep and feeds and pets her Australian Shepherd dogs, plays on the computer, watches FOX News, and does her various bible study lessons. She also does the projection on a rotation basis at Hillsboro Christian church and is now teaching the Kingdom Kids (elementary age kids at Louisburg Christian on Tuesday nights. church.

Terry and Marylou have a total of 19 grandchildren, three of them are in heaven, and the rest are lots of fun to play with.

Mark married Jordan Middleton in 2004. Mark is the Music and Youth minister at Cabool Christian Church. He and Jordan have one son, Caedmon Middleton Anderson, and two daughters, Caithness Maela Anderson, and Aberdeen Daye

Matthew married Chandra Vogal in 2000 and moved to Hillsboro Missouri, where he spent several years as a youth pastor. Matthew pastored the Houston Christian Church in Houston, MO. Now he and Chandra are planning a church planting in Utah. Matthew and Chandra have three sons, Noah Matthew, Isaiah Robert, and Nehemiah Walter and one daughter, Moriah Jael. Matthew is also partners with his sister Kristi in a financial planning group:Superior Advisory

Luke married Mandy Stafford in 2003, and they have three sons, Asher Kincaid, Levi Arron and Abram James, and a daughter, Addie Sue. Luke is part of the worship Team at his church, Hillsboro Christian. Luke is a Paramedic with an ambulance company in DeSoto.

John married Molly Young in 2006. They have three children, Isaac Walter, Grace Louise and Jude Allen. John and Molly now live with us in Louisburg. John is now the youth leader at Louisburg Christian. Two years ago, Molly went through a very rough but victorious bout with stage 4 rectal cancer, and is now helping John with the youth
John works for Terry White as a welder.

Micah married Nicole Dill on July 9, 2005. They live in Richland, MO now, where Micah is the youth pastor at the Richland Christian Church He and Nicole have one little girl, Micaiah Camile, and a boy, Nicolea Judah.

Kristi is on a mission team that goes to Liberia every spring. She is a partner with Matthew in their company, Superior Advisory
Learn more about her Mission work on her website:

Joshua just finished his education and is a Paramedic, employed at a St Louis Hospital and an ambulance company in the St Louis area. He is a keyboard player and vocalist with the worship team at Hillsboro Christian Church. He is hoping to join with Matthew in the church planting in Utah next year.

William, our nephew who has been with us since he was 11, is now 21 years old! He lives with Kristi and Joshua.

Now although the Anderson Brothers are not singing together, they are all actively involved in various areas of service in their churches. Most of them are involved with their church praise team, and some of them teach classes etc.

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